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Newcastle Memorial Walk

Feb 27

About Newcastle Memorial Walk

The Newcastle Memorial Walk is a picturesque 450 meters long bridge and boardwalk, dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers from the First World War. Several viewing platforms along it give visitors great views over New South Wales' capital city - including many spots where you can see both its beaches as well as the sea! There are very limited parking spaces available at Strzelewic Lookout where this memorial begins; however other streets nearby offer more room for cars including King Edward Park or Bar Beach car parks if needed.

The Newcastle Memorial Walk is an iconic landmark in the city of New South Wales, Australia. The walkway was built to commemorate not only 100 years since ANZAC forces landed at Gallipoli but also BHP Billiton’s establishment of their first steelmaking facilities here back when they were just starting up with mining operations and manufacturing capabilities along side it is one big success story between these two great nations that have been collaborating ever since.

The bridge is a symbol of unity and peace, but it also has deep historical roots. The steel silhouettes on top commemorate soldiers from Newcastle who served in the Great War; you will find interesting panels with more information about this significant event as well as listings for other battles that have taken place near where we stand today-a testament to how much our world can change over time.

What To Do At Newcastle Memorial Walk

The 450-metre long path starts at the Strzelecki Lookout and takes you over one of Australia’s most famous bridges. The first section has an altitude change, making it easy for visitors to catch their breath before they reach halfway through this amazing walkway. The second part begins with stairs leading down into Bathers Way where there are various beachside sculptures commemorate those who lost their lives in wars or accidents throughout history. At the memorial drive, turn left onto Queen Street then right on King William Street (the main thoroughfare)to head back towards town.

The Bathers Way is a stunning, 6km long coastal walk that goes from Nobbys Head Lighthouse in the north to Merewether Ocean Baths. If you’re visiting from outside of Newcastle it's definitely recommended for visitors to explore this path as much like Sydney there are many comparisons between them both.

The Newcastle Memorial Walk offers visitors the most amazing 360-degree views across the city, beaches and ocean. What’s more, it's lit after dark which allows him to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pram and wheelchair access extends to the end of the boardwalk at Trip Point. From there, a Memorial Walk links back up with 138 stairs that are unfortunately not allowed for dogs on this path but they can use an alternate footpath below located in between Memorial Drive or just walk along beside it if need be.

One local company in Newcastle involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Newcastle Blinds

Address: Unit 15/102 Bridge St, Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4003 6447