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Architectural Lighting Design in London - Rocco Borghese Chandeliers UK

Jan 16

Lighting Design - Tips on how to design with light

Explained by Rocco Borghese, the lighting designer at Rocco Borghese Chandeliers UK (

Award-Winning Architectural Lighting Design Formula

Lighting by Design Tips for Happiness Our custom design principles can help you enhance your home(both inside and outside). Using carefully planned lighting tricks that work in conjunction with the interior design tricks, allowing you to choose the mood and atmosphere of any interior space of a house.

Rocco Borghese Chandeliers has 150 years of experience designing & manufacturing lights for large churches, palaces and houses. Today our bespoke service begins with a combination of our unique experience in lighting manufacturing & design. Our lighting design expert will share illuminating ideas and knowledge of the advances in technology principles to produce the right solutions for your home decor needs.

To ensure the best results for your overall project it is advisable that the design process of all lighting is done at the start of the project before any electrical work is started. The Rocco Borghese architectural lighting will show you how to choose light for your bedroom or any room in your home.

Our pro designers draw exceptional concepts often pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Both of our lighting showrooms in London sell lights and chandeliers that will create dramatic statements in your home.

All our luxury chandeliers, custom-made lighting and bespoke mirrors are unique. They are made to your exact specification and budget - proper working plans and no mistakes. We monitor & take care of your interior as well as the color & the calculation science of lumens and footcandles to ensure consistency.

Each type of light is finished to the highest standard, making it a winning investment for life. Bespoke chandelier ideas to illuminating everyday spaces and capture the imagination. Let us show you how to push the boundaries and make your interior home decor a vision of splendour.

Rocco Borghese Chandeliers design, manufacture and sell high quality, handmade, chandeliers, bespoke lights and designer mirrors. Our architectural lighting design consultants work closely with architects, interior designers and project managers to create lighting for a range of sectors. These include hotel, retail, the church and also your home.

We only sell our own products so we know everything there is to know about the types of glasswork & can answer all your questions. You will receive a tailored service that responds to the individual needs of your project, from concept to creation and installation. One or more of our directors are involved in all home lighting projects.

Our lighting designer (Rocco Borghese) will create all residential and architectural light features after discussing your interior design plans with you.

Each crystal chandelier for your house is built by an expert working craftsman from start to finish. Rigorous quality control ensures that you get the ultimate types of chandeliers & designer lights finished to the highest standards.

Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee for all products ensures you are always safe when purchasing any light or service. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Our artistic lighting and design can be seen in many private homes, palaces, villas, luxury hotels, resorts, theatres and a cathedral interior.

Custom light features in conjunction and harmony with architectural intent. In luxury settings, the Borghese masterpieces express pure elegance. Our chandeliers, wall sconces & designer mirrors are tailored to the tastes of each client and reflect that person’s vision & style for their house.

Rocco Borghese Chandeliers UK provides your architects with technical knowledge and skilled staff to assist them during the design, creation and installation of the pieces – an all-around top service.



Our architectural lighting design expert teaches interior design studios, property developers, architects as well as individual clients to guide their lighting designs, offering layers of experience in the specific field of high-end interior lighting.

A full range of aesthetic design ideas are considered to ensure the magic creations are beautifully finished; from the models to sizes and colors, from basics, everything is considered in order to enhance the settings where architecture, furnishings and accessories must be perfectly coordinated to create a desired elegant and refined atmosphere.

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Rocco Borghese Chandeliers - Chelsea Showroom


Rocco Borghese Chandeliers - Crouch End Showroom